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Faculty and Staff along with their qualifications and job experience

Sr. No. Faculty/Staff Name Designation Qualifications Experience Faculty/Staff Photo
1. Mr. Dilbag Singh Principal M.A. B.Ed 8 Years
2. Mr. Kamlesh Kumar P.G.T. Physics M. Sc. B. Ed 8 Years
3. Mr. Harish Kumar P.G.T. Chemistry M. Sc. B. Ed 2Years
4. Mrs. Ranjana Devi P.G.T. Chemistry M. Sc. B. Ed 2Years
5. Mr. Bhagwan Dass Phy. Edu. Teacher M.A. D.P. Ed 10 years
6. Mrs.Lavali Kumari T.G.T. (N.M.) B.Sc. B.Ed. 5 Years
7. Mr. Surender Kumar T.G.T. Arts B.A. B.Ed 5 Years
8. Mrs. Archna Kumari Sastri M.A. (Skt) B.Ed. 3 Years
9. Mrs. Bandna Chandel T.G.T. Arts M.A.B.Ed 5 Years
10. Mrs. Pankaj Sharma T.G.T. (N.M.) B.Sc. B.Ed 3 Years
11. Mrs. Indu Bala D.M. Art & Craft 1 Years
12. Mrs. Santosh Kumari JBT M.A. + JBT 2 Years
13. Mrs. Pravita Kumari L.T. M.A. B.Ed 2 years
14. Mr. Balbir Singh T.G.T. Arts M.A. B.Ed. 5 Years
15. Mrs. Anita Sharma Computer Teacher B.A. + Dip. in Computer 4 Years
16. Mrs. Babita Sharma PRT M.A. B.Ed. 5 Years
17. Mrs. Bhawna Kumari PRT M.A. B.Ed. 3 Years
18. Mrs. Bimla Devi Nursery Teacher NTT 5 Years
19. Mrs. Promila Devi Peon Matric 7 Years


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